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10th August 2023

At the Council meeting today Lorraine Sanda, Strategic Director for People, presented and update paper of the progress of the Wellbeing Hub Development. Councillors were given an update on the Project Brief and how it has been developed to the required for RIBA Stage 2 – Concept design to commence.  Councillors also heard that the final ouput from the Briefing & Evaluation Framework workshops facilitated by Scottish Futures Trust has been received which clearly articulates the vision and strategic objectives for the project.
Councillors were excited to hear that this summer has seen the start of the Supply Chain selection process for the architects, Mechanical & Engineer, Civil & Structural and main contractor taking place.  A mini design competition is underway with the extended design team looking to be in place by early September 2023.
The full Council paper and appendices can be found here –


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